where or when rodgers and hart?

Did Rodgers and Hammerstein get along
There is no way that Rodgers or Hammerstein could have been as effective or lasting without his other half. It was evidenced by the fact that their prior work was never as influential, and although Rodgers kept writing after Hammerstein's death, he never worked with another partner.
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What musicals did Rodgers and Hart write?
Hart died within the year. Rodgers started writing with Oscar Hammerstein and together they created Oklahoma!, Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I, Cinderella, and The Sound of Music. Oct 25, 2013
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What was the first musical success in 1925 by Rodger's & Hart?
After writing together for several years, they produced their first successful Broadway musical, The Garrick Gaieties, in 1925, which introduced their hit song, "Manhattan" and led to a series of successful musicals and films.
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Who wrote the song where or when
Where or When / Composers
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