where qatar flies?

Are Qatar flying from Australia?
But Qatar Airways has kept up flights to four cities in Australia throughout 2020, sending A350s into Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. That decision has seen Qatar's market share in Australia soar. ... In July 2020, 73,851 passengers either arrived in or departed from Australia. Oct 6, 2020
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Does Qatar fly to Europe?
Qatar Airways has emerged as the dominant airline into Europe with no less than 55 European cities in its network. Its latest cites are Cardiff (Wales), Thessaloniki and Mykonos (Greece), and London Gatwick. Oct 2, 2018
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What US cities does Qatar fly to?
With the new routes, Qatar Airways says it will now fly from its Doha hub to all 10 of the largest U.S. metro areas. The airline's other U.S. destinations are: Chicago O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston Bush Intercontinental, Miami, New York JFK, Philadelphia and Washington Dulles. May 4, 2015
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Which destinations does Qatar Airways fly to?
Algeria. Algiers ALG.
Angola. LuandaLAD.
Armenia. YerevanEVN.
Australia. Adelaide ADL. BrisbaneBNE. MelbourneMEL. PerthPER. SydneySYD.
Austria. ViennaVIE.
Azerbaijan. BakuGYD.
Bangladesh. DhakaDAC.
Belgium. BrusselsBRU.
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