where rainbows end book?

Is there a sequel to Where Rainbows End?
AuthorCecelia Ahern
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Where Rainbows End and love Rosie the same?
The book was written in a way that it was like an exchange of letters, IMs, or emails and it's original title was Where Rainbows End before the movie adaptation changed it to Love, Rosie. Dec 23, 2015
Where Rainbows End book ending?
In the book, Alex ends up moving to Boston with his family in their teens, leaving Rosie behind in Dublin. In the movie, Alex doesn't move to America until he is accepted into Harvard. In both, Alex and Rosie plan for Rosie to come over to Boston and start their adult lives together. Nov 23, 2015
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Where Rainbows End Goodreads?
Rosie and Alex has been best friends ever since they could remember. They've been through a lot. They hade their fair share of happy, sad, and mostly embarassing moments at school, even arguments actually (Rosie got really upset when Alex didn't invite her to his birthday.. ... She was too scared to lose her best friend.
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