where rainbows end quotes?

Where Rainbows End and love Rosie the same?
The book was written in a way that it was like an exchange of letters, IMs, or emails and it's original title was Where Rainbows End before the movie adaptation changed it to Love, Rosie. Dec 23, 2015
Where Rainbows End ending?
Rosie ends up going with Brian.In the most unlikely event, she ends up pregnant and retracts her acceptance letter from Boston College. Soon enough her baby girl , Katie is three years old and Alex the Godfather. Alex gets engaged to Sally, a peer he meets at Harvard. Apr 29, 2016
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Why did Alex take Bethany to the dance?
Alex tells Rosie the truth about what happened the night of her 18th birthday, saying he had only just realized she didnt know that day. She realizes the only reason Alex had taken Bethany to their high school dance all those years ago was because he thought Rosie didnt feel the same.
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