where she went movie trailer?

Is if I stay based on a true story?
When you wrote If I Stay and Where She Went were the storylines based on a true story ? The accident that kills Mia's family in If I Stay is based on an accident that killed friends of mine and their two young sons. ... Then one day the character of Mia arrived in my head, fully formed, to answer that question. Nov 8, 2013
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Is there a movie to where she went?
However, in 2011, Forman followed If I Stay by a sequel titled, Where She Went. ... Interestingly, owing to the popularity of the book series, there is a petition on change.org for a film adaptation of Where She Went. But this took place 5 years ago, and yet, there have been no talks about making one. Feb 20, 2020
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Is there a part 2 to the movie if I stay?
' If I Stay ' is based on a book that has a sequel, 'Where She Went'. If the filmmakers got around to it, it wouldn't take much time to whip up a script with a story already at their disposal. Considering everything, if ' If I Stay 2 ' is greenlit, we expect it to release sometime in 2023 or later. Jun 22, 2020
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When did where she went come out?
November 2010
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