why 21 gun salute?

why 21 gun salute?
Because greater quantities of gunpowder could be stored on dry land, forts could fire three rounds for every one fired at sea — hence the number 21. With the improvement of naval gunpowder, honors rendered at sea increased to 21, as well. The 21-gun salute eventually became the international standard.
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Do all soldiers get a 21-gun salute?
At military funerals, one often sees three volleys of shots fired in honor of the deceased veteran. It is often mistaken by the laymen as a 21 - gun salute, although it is different. ... Anyone who is entitled to a military funeral will receive the three rifle volleys, subject to availability of honor guard teams.
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Who started the 21-gun salute
President Franklin D. Roosevelt, embarked on Indianapolis, receives a 21 - gun salute from Coast Guard Cutter Mojave, during the presidential fleet, 1934. The cannon in shore batteries (with ample stores of dry, usable gunpowder) would fire three shots in return for every single shot they heard coming from the sea.
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Why is it a 22 gun salute?
The tradition of rendering a salute by cannon originated in the 14th century as firearms and cannons came into use. ... Land batteries, having a greater supply of gunpowder, were able to fire three guns for every shot fired afloat, hence the salute by shore batteries was 21 guns.
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