why 360 degrees?

why 360 degrees?
The Babylonians knew, of course, that the perimeter of a hexagon is exactly equal to six times the radius of the circumscribed circle, in fact that was evidently the reason why they chose to divide the circle into 360 degrees (and we are still burdened with that figure to this day).
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What does doing a 360 mean?
Do a 360 means to end up in the same place that one started. Rarely, one may see the expression do a 360 to mean someone has changed his mind twice–once when he embraced the opposite of what he espoused, and then again when he came back to his original opinion.
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Why angle around a point is 360?
An angle is measured with reference to a circle with its centre at the common endpoint of the rays. Hence, the sum of angles at a point is always 360 degrees.
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Why did they choose 360 degrees?
And they then made a leap and decided to divide this circle on the sky—and all circles—into 360 even parts so that the Sun would move through 1 part per day. Each of these parts was dubbed 1 degree, thus giving us the idea that a circle contains 360 degrees. Jun 19, 2015
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Why do we use degrees to measure angles?
So, how do we measure angles ? Well, the Babylonians had an idea. They decided to cut a circle into 360 pieces, and call one of those pieces a degree. This makes it easy to talk about the size of an angle. May 2, 2013
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