why 911 porsche?

why 911 porsche?
There, French car maker Peugeot objected to Porsche using any three digit number where the middle number was 0, asserting ownership of the naming rights in key markets, and having already sold many models with that scheme. So, Porsche simply replaced the middle 0 with a 1, and called the car Porsche 911.
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What is so special about Porsche 911?
Unrivalled Performance
Since the moment the first Porsche 911 hit roads in 1963 (dubbed the 901 at the time), and thanks largely to its unique rear-engine layout, it has set the standard for performance, providing a driving experience that's at once visceral and restrained, raw and refined. Jul 10, 2020
Why are Porsche 911 so expensive?
Low production numbers, high quality materials, and a highly paid experts that manufacture the cars. The cost of a Porsche sport car may not be anymore money than what Chevy spends on a Corvette. But Chevy can spread that cost based on the 10 million cars it built last year.
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Why do Porsches start with 9?
This typical three digit number, beginning with a nine quickly became a Porsche trademark. Whoever reads about 964 or 928, immediately recognizes it as a name of a Zuffenhausen sports car. May 24, 2020
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Why Porsche 911 is best?
The company is best known for its powerful, precise-handling sports cars, most famously the iconic 911. While capable on track, Porsches distinguish themselves by being entertaining on the street and comfortable and durable enough for daily driving. Oct 22, 2020
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