why am i always cold when i wake up?

why am i always cold when i wake up?
Firstly we drift from awake to asleep, our body and brain waves slow and our muscles relax. In the second stage of sleep — the stage before we enter deep sleep — our body slows and our muscles relax even further. It's during this stage of sleep that our body temperature drops.
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Is being constantly cold a sign of anything?
Anemia happens when your system can't make enough normal red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. There are a number of different types of anemia. A tendency to feel cold is a common symptom for many of them. Jan 21, 2020
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What kind of vitamin deficiency makes you cold?
Lack of vitamin B12 and iron deficiency can cause anemia and lead you to feel cold. Feb 23, 2018
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Why am I so cold after sleeping?
You get cold when you sleep due to your body's core temperature. This is usually 36°C to 39°C, however it drops a degree or two overnight. This is a natural response due to a lack of exposure to light and lets your body know it's time to rest. Jan 2, 2020
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