why am i always tired and hungry?

why am i always tired and hungry?
You may feel hungry frequently if your diet lacks protein, fiber, or fat, all of which promote fullness and reduce appetite. Extreme hunger is also a sign of inadequate sleep and chronic stress. Additionally, certain medications and illnesses are known to cause frequent hunger.
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What causes fatigue and hunger?
These symptoms are present in a wide variety of medical conditions. The possibilities include low blood sugar, malnutrition, or several other possibilities. If these symptoms are new and getting worse, it's best to have your doctor take a look at you. Jun 15, 2020
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Why am I always tired and have no energy?
In most cases, there's a reason for the fatigue. It might be allergic rhinitis, anemia, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease (COPD), or some other health condition. If that's the case, then the long-term outlook is good. Nov 13, 2019
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Why am I so tired and eating all the time?
An amino acid called tryptophan, which occurs in many protein-rich foods, helps the body produce serotonin. Carbohydrates help the body absorb tryptophan. For these reasons, eating a meal rich in both protein and carbohydrates may make a person feel sleepy.
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Why do I constantly feel hungry even after eating?
In some cases, hormonal issues may explain why some people feel hungry after eating. Leptin is the main hormone that signals feelings of fullness to your brain. It's made by fat cells, so its blood levels tend to increase among people that carry more fat mass. May 28, 2020
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