why b complex deficiency?

Is it OK to take B complex everyday?
Since B vitamins are water-soluble, it's unlikely that you will consume too much of these nutrients through diet alone or by taking a B - complex supplement as directed. However, taking supplements that contain excessively high and unnecessary quantities of B - complex vitamins could lead to serious side effects. Jun 7, 2018
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What are the signs of vitamin B complex deficiency?
strange sensations, numbness, or tingling in the hands, legs, or feet.
difficulty walking (staggering, balance problems )
a swollen, inflamed tongue.
difficulty thinking and reasoning (cognitive difficulties), or memory loss.
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What causes B complex deficiency?
Atrophic gastritis, in which your stomach lining has thinned. Pernicious anemia, which makes it hard for your body to absorb vitamin B12. Conditions that affect your small intestine, such as Crohn's disease, celiac disease, bacterial growth, or a parasite. Immune system disorders, such as Graves' disease or lupus. Apr 25, 2020
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What deficiency disease is caused by lack of vitamin B?
Vitamin B12 deficiencies can lead to megaloblastic anemia, a condition where the bone marrow produces large abnormally shaped red blood cells that do not function properly. Psychological conditions such as dementia, paranoia, depression, and behavioral changes can result from a vitamin B12 deficiency.
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