why cant i withdraw from robinhood?

Can I withdraw money from Robinhood?
You can withdraw up to $50,000 per business day from your Robinhood account. Before you can initiate a withdrawal of your uninvested funds, your deposits must remain in your account for a minimum of 5 trading days. On the 6th day, those uninvested funds will go into your cash available for withdrawal.
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How do I make my Robinhood account into cash?
Confirmation that you have $0.00 in unsettled funds and no pending transactions. ...
Your feedback on why you no longer want to use Robinhood Instant.
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How much does Robinhood take when you withdraw?
Robinhood withdrawal fee
Robinhood doesn't charge a fee for ACH withdrawals. However, wire transfers are expensive: the price tag of a domestic wire transfer is $25 and you will have to pay $50 for international wire withdrawals.
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Why can't I withdraw money from Robinhood?
Following a sale, your funds need to “settle” before you can withdraw them to your bank account. The settlement period is the trade date plus two trading days (T+2), sometimes referred to as regular-way settlement. On the third day, those funds will go into your buying power and will appear as withdrawable cash.
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