why do cells divide?

why do cells divide?
Cells divide for many reasons. For example, when you skin your knee, cells divide to replace old, dead, or damaged cells. Cells also divide so living things can grow. ... Organisms grow because cells are dividing to produce more and more cells.
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What are 2 reasons why cells divide?
The two reasons why cell divides are: Growth. Replacing damaged or dead cells. Mar 3, 2018
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What are 3 reasons why cells divide?
1 growth. Go from one cell/( zygote to a trillion)
2 replace. Repair\ 50 million cells die second.
3 reproduction. ( make cells for reproduction make specialized sex cells)
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What are 4 reasons why cells divide?
Food, Waste, and Gas Exchange. They need to maintain a workable ratio of surface area to volume to allow an efficient transfer of materials in and out of the cell.
Growth. In order for an organism to grow, they must divide so they can get larger.
Repair. ...
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