why do we yawn when others yawn?

why do we yawn when others yawn?
Contagious yawning is triggered involuntarily when we observe another person yawn -- it is a common form of echophenomena -- the automatic imitation of another's words (echolalia) or actions (echopraxia). And it's not just humans who have a propensity for contagious yawning -- chimpanzees and dogs do it too.
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Is yawning a sign of attraction?
In fact, it can demonstrate a range of emotions including interest, stress and even wanting to have sex. Unfortunately scientists are not yet able to differentiate between a yawn that signifies erotic arousal and simply the need to catch some sleep. Jun 25, 2010
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Is yawning contagious over the phone?
So-called contagious yawning is a type of psychological effect that happens only in response to seeing, hearing, or reading about yawning. Though there have been previous hints of a link between contagious yawning and empathy, the new study marks the first time scientists have actually observed the connection. Dec 15, 2011
What does it mean if you don't yawn after someone else?
Contagious yawning has been linked to empathy. Psychopaths lack empathy for others as a general rule. A study in 2015 found that scoring highly on a checklist for psychopathy was associated with a lower chance of catching yawns. It's not necessarily a determining factor, but it could be a symptom. Oct 12, 2018
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Why is yawning contagious stealing oxygen?
The theories of yawning
It's one of the most contagious, uncontrollable actions a body does. There are many theories as to why people yawn. One popular theory is that yawning helps your body bring in more oxygen. But this theory has been mostly debunked.
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