why do we yawn when we wake up?

why do we yawn when we wake up?
Another reason you may yawn is because the body wants to wake itself up. The motion helps stretch the lungs and their tissues, and it allows the body to flex its muscles and joints. It may also force blood toward your face and brain to increase alertness.
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How do you stop yawning after waking up?
Lower the temperature. If you lower your body temperature, you're less likely to want to yawn and inhale the cool air. ...
Drink something cold. ...
Breathe through your nose. ...
Eat cold foods. ...
Press something cold against you. ...
Try public speaking or having the spotlight on you.
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Is yawning a sign of lack of oxygen?
In addition, different regions of the brain control yawning and breathing. Still, low oxygen levels in the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus of the brain can induce yawning. Another hypothesis is that we yawn because we are tired or bored. Mar 20, 2002
Whats yawning a sign of
Yawning is commonly thought to be a sign of sleepiness or boredom, though this is not always the case. While someone who yawns may be tired, the heart rate quickly rises during a yawn. This increased heart rate suggests yawning can be a sign of alertness rather than sluggishness.
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Why do I still yawn after sleeping?
Causes of excessive yawning
The exact cause of excessive yawning isn't known. However, it may occur as a result of: drowsiness, tiredness, or fatigue. sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy.
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