why does h pylori cause shortness of breath?

Can H pylori cause chest tightness?
It is one of the most important pathogenic bacteria that infect the digestive system, and it has been found that there is a close relationship between the H. pylori infection and esophageal reflux and chest pain, in addition to the incidence of stomach ulcers [2]. Nov 3, 2020
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Can H pylori spread to lungs?
pylori may cause lung disease and no relation with GERD. However, a possible indirect role could not be excluded. Further studies on patients with GERD and pulmonary diseases such as bronchiectasis, bronchitis, interstitial lung disease and lung cancer may reveal a potential pathogenic link between H.
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Does pylori cause shortness of breath?
In rare cases, gastric perforation, bleeding, and infection may occur. 10 Call your doctor or seek emergency care if you experience fever, shortness of breath, tarry stools, vomiting, or severe or persistent abdominal pain following the procedure.
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Why does H pylori cause bad breath?
pylori had more blood in their saliva and were also carrying Prevotella intermedia, which is one of the major periodontal bacteria. "Although the presence of H. pylori in the mouth does not directly cause bad breath, it is associated with periodontal disease, which does cause bad breath," said Dr. Suzuki. Nov 29, 2008
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