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What happened to why don't we 2020?
" we 're taking the beginning of 2020 off to write and produce our next studio album. we 're so excited and we 'll see you soon," they wrote on social media back in January. The last video they released was for "Chills," where Daniel stripped down for part of the video. Sep 15, 2020
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Why do we not celebrate Wes birthday?
Zach's birthday is May 27, 2001, Jack's birthday is July 1, 1999, Corbyn's birthday is November 25, 1998, Daniel's birthday is April 2, 1999 and Jonah's birthday is June 16, 1998. Sep 27, 2018
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Why don't we age now?
How old are Why Don't We ? The Why Don't We boys are all aged between 17 and 20. Daniel Seavey is aged 19, Jack Avery is aged 19, Corbyn Besson is aged 20, Zach Herron is aged 17 and Jonah Marais is aged 20. Jan 21, 2019
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Why is Jack Avery leaving Why don t we?
The band has been releasing singles throughout 2019, and they are also working on a new album set to be released in 2020. Earlier this year, Jack was rumored to be leaving Why Don't We. It was reported that the reason he was leaving was because of the birth of his daughter. Dec 18, 2019
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