why farmers are protesting in india in kannada?

Is Farmers Protest Right or wrong?
The farmers have cited two main reasons for their protest. One, the government will suspend the Minimum Support Price (MSP) scheme, which has been in effect for many years. Two, legal action should not be taken against intermediaries by blocking the traditional relationship between intermediaries and farmers. Dec 15, 2020
Why do farmers protest?
2020–2021 Indian farmers' protest
Caused by
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Why farmers are protesting against farm bill?
It wants to discontinue the subsidies to farmers. The WTO has given repeated instructions to Indian government to discontinue the subsidies. Therefore the Modi government wants to bring the power sector under the central control. The farmers are opposing this move. Dec 16, 2020
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Why farmers are protesting Quora?
The bills, passed by India's parliament this week, make it easier for farmers to sell their produce directly to private buyers and enter into a contract with private companies. ... Farmers there are protesting against the three amendments of central govt regarding the agriculture.
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