why february has 28 days in tamil?

Who Decided February 28 days
February's 28 days date back to the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius. Before he became king, Rome's lunar calendar was just 10 months long. Jan 30, 2015
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Why does February have 29 days every 4 years?
Every four years, we add an extra day, February 29, to our calendars. These extra days – called leap days – help synchronize our human-created calendars with Earth's orbit around the sun and the actual passing of the seasons. ... Blame Earth's orbit around the sun, which takes approximately 365.25 days. Feb 29, 2020
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Why has February only got 28 days?
This is because of simple mathematical fact: the sum of any even amount (12 months) of odd numbers will always equal an even number—and he wanted the total to be odd. So Numa chose February, a month that would be host to Roman rituals honoring the dead, as the unlucky month to consist of 28 days.
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Why is February called the month of love?
The Feast of Saint Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496, celebrated on February 14 in honour of Valentine of Rome who died on the same date on AD 269 and became a martyred saint. So the date has significance, but it was in the 14th Century when it became associated with romantic love. Feb 4, 2020
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