why is lumber so expensive?

why is lumber so expensive?
Low interest rates are also playing into lumber prices, heating demand for housing and giving builders more incentive to increase production. ... But it's not just demand that is pushing prices so high. Supply is completely off the mark because both mill operators and lumber dealers misread the 2020 market.
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Why are lumber prices going up 2020?
Why Strong Demand and Tight Supply Have Caused Lumber Prices to Soar. ... New numbers from the National Association of Home Builders shows that since mid-April of 2020, lumber prices have risen by 130%, and those increased costs have increased the cost of single-family homes more than $16,000 on average.
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Why is there a lumber shortage 2020?
Experts say several factors contributed to the lumber shortage : lockdown orders, new safety protocols, a spike in home remodeling and a massive wildfire season. Many parts of the U.S. are facing lumber shortages — and experts say the problem is acute in the West after 2020's devastating wildfires. Jan 12, 2021
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Will lumber prices ever go down
“ Lumber prices should moderate and decline somewhat in 2021 as a result of more harvesting and a possible reduction in tariffs to foreign products,” he says. “That will help home building and generate local economic growth.”
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Will lumber prices go down in 2020
As of the week of Feb. 18, the price of lumber per thousand board feet is at $992, according to Random Lengths. Prices are up 180% since the onset of the pandemic. ... Prices started to drop in the fall of 2020, hitting $550 per thousand board feet in early November. Feb 28, 2021
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