why jp morgan asset management?

How do you answer why JP Morgan?
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What does JP Morgan Asset Management do?
J.P. Morgan Asset Management's investment professionals provide strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes, including equity, fixed income, alternatives, money market, ETFs and multi- asset solutions.
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Why do you want to work in asset management?
Here are the answers: Because in asset management people can make and implement decisions by themselves. Investment banking and other advisory businesses are about advising clients and the client makes the decisions. ... Because people in asset management have a good variety in their daily work. Mar 28, 2016
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Why should you work for JP Morgan?
As one of the largest global financial institutions, you 're helping millions of people & businesses to plan and reach their financial goals. Whether you 're working on Agile teams or you 're testing and learning from new projects, your ideas and innovations will be embraced by our teams and managers.
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