why kakashi kills rin?

why kakashi kills rin?
Rin as Isobu's jinchūriki. ... Surmising the true reason she was made a jinchūriki, Rin — being unable to take her own life — asked Kakashi to kill her in order to protect the village, which Kakashi refused, stating that he had vowed to Obito to protect her by any means necessary. Rin impaling herself on Kakashi's Chidori.
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Did Kakashi ever love Rin
It has been confirmed that Rin has feelings for Kakashi. Although it is never confirmed whether Kakashi loved her in return, her feelings would further the already great remorse and anguish Kakashi felt over her death.
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Does obito know why Kakashi killed Rin?
Obito knows Kakashi wouldn't just kill Rin. ... He didn't blame Kakashi for killing Rin, but rather for "letting her die" and not being able to keep his promise. He was aware of the fact Rin had the 3-Tails inside her and chose to die by Kakashi's hand. Obito knows Kakashi wouldn't just kill Rin.
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What if Kakashi didn't kill Rin?
If Rin hadn't died Obito likely never would have descended into darkness and despair and become Madara's pawn. Kakashi also likely would have been different as a person given the fact that Rin's death troubled him for many years to come as he had not only killed his friend he had broken a promise to another.
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Why did RIN get in front of Kakashi?
Rin jumped in front of Kakashi's chidori because the hidden mist made her a jinchuuriki of the three tails Isobu, fearing that she wouldn't be able to contain the three tails and it going on a rampage through the hidden leaf like the mist wanted.
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