why law school?

What are good reasons for law school?
You want to help people solve problems. ...
You have professional experience in government. ...
You're interested in corporate tax law. ...
You have an academic background in science. ...
You just know that you want to be a lawyer.
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What is the purpose of law school?
There is an adage that the primary purpose of law school is to teach you to think like a lawyer. This is reinforced through the case method approach. Although the memorization of specifics may be useful to you, the ability to be analytical and literate is considerably more important than the power of total recall.
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Why did I want to become a lawyer?
Becoming a lawyer means learning how to negotiate with and manage people. The Carnegie Institute says that while 13% of financial success relates to technical skills, 87% is based on three factors: (1) personality, (2) ability to negotiate, (3) ability to manage people. ... The world needs great lawyers. 5 days ago
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Why did you choose to study law?
Master critical thinking, strong reasoning and analytical skills. The knowledge and skills gained from studying law facilitate students to analyse both sides of complex situations or problems and to devise the best solution based on strong reasoning and critical thinking.
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