why lyrics rascal flatts?

Do Rascal Flatts write their own songs?
The Music of Rascal Flatts
The guys of Rascal Flatts are all accomplished songwriters and have penned several of their hits. But, they don't go so far as to the only record their own music. One of their biggest hits, the Grammy-winning "Bless the Broken Road" was written by Jeff Hannah and Marcus Hummon.
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Is Rascal Flatts a band or person?
Rascal Flatts, American country music trio that achieved success with a crossover sound that appealed to the pop market. The members were lead vocalist Gary LeVox (original name Gary Wayne Vernon, Jr.; b. July 10, 1970, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.), bassist Jay DeMarcus (in full Stanley Wayne DeMarcus, Jr.; b.
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Is Rascal Flatts a boy band?
Rascal Flatts became tagged as a country version of a boy band, a young pop group singing light songs for women. " Rascal Flatts first hit in the spring of 2000, just as pop's boy - band craze started to wane—even though some country labels were still trying to cash in on the fad," explained Brian Mansfield of USA Today .
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Why is Rascal Flatts named that?
His band called themselves “ Rascal Flatts ”, and that should be the name for the group. ... They got their name when they were playing at a bar in Nashville… They told the small audience, that they were still in need of a good name, because they were not happy, with their current name, “Okla-Hio”.
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