why market is down today in india?

Is market going to crash India?
A lot of stocks were trading above their fair value. Market outlook: Till June-July, there will not be any crash in the market and a correction of 3-5 per cent is what's only possible. This is because the rupee is likely to appreciate and the economy is recovering. ... Indian markets, however, will outperform. Feb 26, 2021
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Why Indian market is down today?
Analysts believe that the key reason behind the weakness seen in markets is due to higher profit booking by investors ahead of the upcoming Union Budget 2021 and expiry of F&O contracts. Widespread selling was witnessed today as investors look to take their profits off the table amid rising volatility. Jan 27, 2021
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Why is the market down today?
Global Markets – One of the biggest reasons for share markets to go down is global economic trends. Indian economy is exposed to global markets with many foreign investors investing huge capital into Indian businesses. ... Indian companies also raise funds by listing their shares on foreign stock exchanges. Feb 18, 2020
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