why not both commercial?

What does the little girl say in the old El Paso ad?
Old El Paso Hard and Soft Tacos ad
Most Aussies will remember Mia Agraviador for her Spanish catchphrase, “porque no los dos?” which translates to “why not both?”, in the popular taco ad. While she may be 20 now, the child star is still proud to call herself that “taco girl ”. Jul 4, 2020
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Where is the Why Not Both girl now?
Now, she's all grown up. Mia Agraviador was six years old when she became known for the Spanish catchphrase, "Porque no los dos?" Soon, the phrase became a meme for any topic of conversation that required a decision to be made. Now she's a 20-year-old barista living in Sydney who proudly calls herself the "taco girl ". Jul 2, 2020
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Why don't we just have both Spanish?
But while the ad is about as genuinely Mexican as a taco from Old El Paso, Mia actually does speak Spanish, with her parents coming from the Philippines and Costa Rica. Mar 26, 2015
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