why reading is important for adults?

why reading is important for adults?
Studies have found that a book or longer piece of text absorbs our entire focus, making it much less likely that we'll attempt multitasking, or get distracted easily.
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What are the 10 benefits of reading?
Mental Stimulation. ...
Stress Reduction. ...
Knowledge. ...
Vocabulary Expansion. ...
Memory Improvement. ...
Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills. ...
Improved Focus and Concentration. ...
Better Writing Skills.
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What are the 5 benefits of reading?
Strengthens the brain.
Increases empathy.
Builds vocabulary.
Prevents cognitive decline.
Reduces stress.
Aids sleep.
Alleviates depression.
Lengthens lifespan.
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Why is reading important in the present age?
The reason is that while reading a book you interpret and imagine things as you see them, whereas in a movie what you see is the director's interpretation! ... A book is years of research which not only augments our imagination it also adds to our knowledge and introduces us to different writing styles.
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Why reading is so important in our lives?
Reading Expands the Mind
For starters, reading helps to expand the mind and give us more ideas. Reading has been proven to keep our minds young, healthy and sharp, with studies showing that reading can even help prevent alzheimer's disease.
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