why representation matters in books?

why representation matters in books?
From movies and television shows, to politics, and of course, throughout literature, the gospel truth is that representation does matter. It's this idea that people like to see and hear stories about people who look, sound and live just like them.
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Why do representations matter?
Representation matters because it can shape how minorities are viewed by society and how they view themselves. It's incredibly important that we're starting to see the media move to reflect more diverse stories. Mar 24, 2020
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Why is representation important in books?
Authentic and diverse representation in books has significant impacts for readers, especially given how they influence the way in which young folx come to make sense of themselves and the world around them.
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Why is representation important in education?
Representation helps strengthen communities and improve student outcomes in elementary, middle, and high schools. Representation means that teachers, principals, and other leaders reflect the demographics of the student body in the schools they serve. Apr 10, 2020
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Why is representation in children's books important?
Diverse representations in children's literature are important not only because children are empowered by seeing themselves in books, but also because children's worldviews are expanded by seeing people who are different from themselves represented in books. ...
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