why so serious?

What is the meaning of why so serious?
As a meme, Why so serious ? is generally used as a response on social media when someone is seen to be overly upset or earnest about something. It's the equivalent of telling a person to “calm down” or “chill out.” The meme is usually meant to be read in a sarcastic, or prodding way.
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What movie is why so serious from?
Why so Serious? / Movie
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Why does the Joker say why so serious?
See Joker was a psychopath. The way he presented himself, you would feel that he was a carefree soul. That's why he tries to tell others to be just like him. ... So this makes Joker a serious person, he seriously wanted to destroy Batman.
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Why is font style so serious?
Why So Serious is a Free Font for personal use created by chrisvile. Why So Serious is a Display type font that can be used on any device such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. This font has 1 styles available ( Why So Serious ).
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