why t is silent in tsunami?

why t is silent in tsunami?
Some English speakers – not all – simplify the word 'tsunami' by not pronouncing the initial 't', so that it fits in with the phonological rules of English. Often silent letters in English are actually diacritic letters. This means that rather than being pronounced, they change the pronunciation of another syllable.
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What is the purpose of silent letters?
Silent letters can distinguish between homophones, e.g. in/inn; be/bee; lent/leant. This is an aid to readers already familiar with both words. Silent letters may give an insight into the meaning or origin of a word; e.g. vineyard suggests vines more than the phonetic *vinyard would.
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Why H is silent in honest?
The rule goes that the article 'a' is used before a consonant and 'an' is used before a vowel, so with silent H we would say “an honest ” and with pronounced H we would say “a hotel”. But some posher speakers tend to treat a pronounced H as if it were not there, so they would say “an historic” and “an hotel”. Sep 28, 2016
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Why is the T silent in listen?
“ Listen ” originally had no “ t ” (it was spelled lysna in Old English), but it acquired a “ t ” by association with the archaic synonym “list.” And “hasten” is merely an extended form of the old verb “haste,” formed by analogy with the other “-en” verbs. Jan 2, 2012
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Why S is silent in Island?
The English adopted the French spelling “isl…”, but even at the time this adoption occured, the French already did not pronounce the “ s ”. So the English adopted both the French spelling and the French pronunciation (sort of). ... So now the French spelling is ”île”, but the phantom “ s ” lives on in our “ island ”.
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