why the caged bird sings poem?

What is the main theme of the poem caged bird?
The main themes in “Caged Bird” are freedom and confinement, artistic expression as resistance, and civil rights. Freedom and confinement: As its title indicates, “Caged Bird” is concerned with both imprisonment and the innate urge for freedom. Dec 3, 2020
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Why did Maya Angelou write the caged bird poem?
After the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Angelou was inspired by a meeting with writer James Baldwin and cartoonist Jules Feiffer to write I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings as a way of dealing with the death of her friend and to draw attention to her own personal struggles with racism.
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Why the Caged Bird Sings poem meaning?
The poem describes the opposing experiences between two birds : one bird is able to live in nature as it pleases, while a different caged bird suffers in captivity. Due to its profound suffering, the caged bird sings, both to cope with its circumstances and to express its own longing for freedom.
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