why top glove share price drop?

What happened Top Glove?
Worker infections and factory closures. ... The ECMO forced Top Glove to temporarily shut operations at 16 of its Meru factories, while 12 more could only operate at 20% capacity. It was a huge blow for the company as these 28 factories account for over 50% of the company's total manufacturing capacity. Dec 20, 2020
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Why do top glove prices drop?
At 5pm yesterday, Top Glove plunged 62 sen to RM5. 50. It was also the most actively traded stock of the day. A dealer said the drop in Top Glove's share price could be attributed to institutional funds looking to overhaul their investment portfolios. Jan 5, 2021
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Will glove stocks recover
INTEREST in glove stocks will remain strong despite news of Covid-19 vaccine rollout which has caused glove counters to underperform since November last year. ... “Investors are still very much in the recovery trade, so they are reducing their exposure to glove stocks which were benefitting from the pandemic. Jan 21, 2021
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Will Top Glove share go up
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