why tufts engineering?

why tufts engineering?
Grounded in interdisciplinary education and research, our students collaborate closely with faculty and peers in project-based work. Tufts engineering provides students with the tools to cultivate their passions academically and professionally in a dynamic and supportive environment.
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Is Tufts good for engineering?
Tufts University is ranked No. 67 (tie) in Best Engineering Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.
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What is special about Tufts?
Tufts is diversity. The campus itself is a mixture between a small liberal arts college and a major research university and its students have a sense of community while maintaining a global awareness. Students also come from every state in the country and other nations in all corners of the globe.
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What is Tufts University best known for?
The most popular majors at Tufts University include: Social Sciences; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Engineering ; and Biological and Biomedical Sciences. The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 96%.
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Why did you choose Tufts?
I choose Tufts because I have professors who care about my education and who care about me as a person. Professors who understand that sometimes we all need a day off, but believe that we are strong enough to never take one. I choose Tufts because we value collaboration over competition. Feb 10, 2016
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