why use many word?

Is Kevin slow the office?
Kevin was partly based on his British counterpart from the original BBC version of The Office, Keith Bishop, played by Ewen McIntosh. ... A veteran of theatre, Baumgartner repressed much of his natural showmanship to play Kevin. He also lowered his voice and spoke in a slow, halting monotone.
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What episode does Kevin say few words?
One of Robert's lines sums up this episode well: “There's something about an underdog that really inspires the unexceptional.” “ The Incentive ” begins with Kevin annoying everyone in the office by talking like Cookie Monster. Kevin says that it saves time to talk with less words (Did he say “see world” or “Seaworld”? Sep 30, 2011
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What episode does Kevin talk weird?
"Casual Friday"
Episode no.
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Why use many words when few word do trick?
“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick ” -Kevin Malone. Sep 13, 2018