why vinegar soaks after laser?

why vinegar soaks after laser?
o Re-apply frequently as needed to maintain a continuous layer on your skin • Soak the treated skin with a plain white vinegar solution 4 to 8 times each day. o You can't soak too much. Soaking reduces redness and speeds healing! Do not pick, rub, scrub or irritate your skin while it is healing.
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How can I heal faster after laser resurfacing?
Keep Your Skin Hydrated
As your skin is healing from laser resurfacing, make sure to keep it hydrated with a gentle moisturizing cream or lotion. The more hydrated your skin is, the faster it will heal and the more comfortable you'll feel. Aug 15, 2017
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How long should I do vinegar soaks after c02 laser?
Do the soaks for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. You should find the soaks to be soothing. If the solution is irritating for some reason, the vinegar may be diluted by half (one half a tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water). The soaks should be repeated 6 times per day, until the skin is fully epithelialized.
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What do you put on skin after laser treatment?
The immediate post laser treatment consists of covering the lasered skin with Vaseline (Aquaphor or whatever the specific product you are instructed to use) and using cold packs for discomfort and swelling. The best treatment to be comfortable is to apply cold compresses to the treated areas of the face.
What reduces redness after laser treatment?
Cold Compress: A good way to reduce redness after laser treatments is to apply cold a compress in the treated area. Remember, do not apply chemicals or any other lotions and do not rub your skin. Goodbye, sun: At least for a month. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for a month after your laser treatment.