why was the great wall of china built wikipedia?

why was the great wall of china built wikipedia?
The Great Wall of China is an ancient wall in China. The wall is made of cement, rocks, bricks, and dirt. It was finished in 1878 and it was meant to protect the north of the empire of China from enemy attacks. It is the longest structure humans have ever built.
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When was the Great Wall of China built and why?
The Great Wall of China was constructed from the 7th Century BC by the Chu State and lasted until 1878 in the Qing Dynasty. The most remaining we see today was built in the Ming Dynasty about 600 years ago. Sep 29, 2020
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Why was the Great Wall China built?
Over the centuries, the Great Wall has been built and rebuilt for three main purposes: as kingdom border defenses, to defend China's northern border, and for tourism. Read on to see why China built, or did not build, the Great Wall in different historical periods. Jan 5, 2021
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