why were graham crackers invented?

why were graham crackers invented?
Graham crackers were invented as a method to stop people experiencing sexual desires. ... Graham crackers were invented to stop sexual urges and desires because the inventor Reverend Sylvester Graham believed that eating meat and fat led to sexual excess.
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Were graham crackers invented to prevent
Sylvester Graham hated sex. The puritanical 19th-century minister preached that “carnal desire” caused headaches, epilepsy and even insanity. To stop his followers from getting frisky, he invented a bland, biscuit -like cracker to “cure” masturbation and quell sexual urges in 1829. Sep 13, 2016
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Who made the original graham crackers
As it goes, a hotheaded New Jersey Presbyterian minister by the name of Rev. Sylvester Graham invented the boring snack staple around 1829. Dec 17, 2015
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Why are graham crackers so good?
If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, nosh on graham crackers. The crunch and subtle sweetness can quell the need to seek out other diet-destroying desserts. Graham crackers have almost a teaspoon of sugar less per serving than other cookies, and only contain about 1 gram of fat.
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