why you gotta be so rude?

Is the band Magic still together?
Magic ! Magic ! is a Canadian reggae fusion band based in Toronto, Ontario. ... Active since 2012, the band is signed with Latium, Sony, and RCA Records, releasing their debut studio album Don't Kill the Magic in 2014, their second studio album Primary Colours in 2016, and their third studio album Expectations in 2018.
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Is the song Rude based on a true story?
“Why you gotta be so rude,” croons Canadian band Magic ! in their chart-topping hit, “ Rude.” It's based on a true story about the lead singer, Nasri Atweh, getting rejected by his girlfriend's dad after asking for his blessing to marry his daughter. Jul 15, 2014
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Who is the lead singer of magic
MAGIC! / Lead singers
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