why z nation was cancelled?

Is Z Nation Cancelled for good?
Z Nation's final days have come. Syfy has canceled the zombie drama after five seasons. ... 28 season-ender will now serve as its series finale. The cabler confirmed its decision to end the show after producer David Michael Latt first announced the news in a video on social media. Dec 22, 2018
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Is Z Nation coming back in 2020?
SyFy has canceled zombie drama Z Nation, according to producer David Michael Latt, who posted a Twitter video announcing the decision. Z Nation will end with its fifth season. ... “We wanted to tell you face to face … that we were not renewed for Season 6,” Latt said in a late-night Periscope video on Friday. Dec 22, 2018
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What caused the outbreak in Z Nation?
Background. ZN1 is the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) designation for the undead-creating virus that is responsible for the global zombie apocalypse. It is highly likely that the virus that causes zombification may have been created by Dr. Walter Kurian at Fort Collins, Colorado under the code name "Red Death".
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What happened to the man Z Nation?
Addy and Lucy nearly escape, but The Man reappears suddenly and slams Addy in the face with a gas can before the two begin a near-deadly fight. They are interrupted by zombies responding to Lucy's screams. ... She shoots The Man in the chest and flees with Lucy and his car, but he survives due to his bulletproof vest.
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