why zebras don't get ulcers quotes?

Do animals get ulcers?
Disruption and ulceration of the GI mucosal barrier can be a consequence of several drugs and diseases in small animals. The stomach and/or the duodenum are the primary sites of ulceration.
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Why do zebras not get ulcers?
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers is a 1994 (2nd ed. ... The title derives from Sapolsky's idea that for animals such as zebras, stress is generally episodic (e.g., running away from a lion), while for humans, stress is often chronic (e.g., worrying about losing your job).
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Why Zebras don't get ulcers Barnes and Noble?
Sapolsky's acclaimed and successful Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers features new chapters on how stress affects sleep and addiction, as well as new insights into anxiety and personality disorder and the impact of spirituality on managing stress. ... Over time, this activation of a stress response makes us literally sick. Aug 1, 2004
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