why zoos are good and bad?

Are zoos a good or bad idea?
Zoos also carry out important research into subjects like animal behaviour and how to treat illnesses. One of the most important modern functions of zoos is supporting international breeding programmes, particularly for endangered species. ... A good zoo will enable these species to live and breed in a secure environment.
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Are zoos good or bad pros and cons?
Conclusion. The most serious issue with zoos is that, while they do provide security and safety for a lot of animals, they can also provide major problems for the animals themselves. And though they provide a lot of benefits for researchers, they do come at a cost, whether it is worth the risk or not. Jul 24, 2015
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Why Are zoos a good thing?
Zoos protect against a species going extinct. A species protected in captivity provides a reservoir population against a population crash or extinction in the wild. Here they are relatively safe and can be bred up to provide foundation populations. Aug 19, 2014
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Why are zoos bad?
Reasons why people think keeping animals in zoos is bad for their welfare: the animal is deprived of its natural habitat. ... the animal is deprived of its natural social structure and companionship. the animal is forced into close proximity with other species and human beings which may be unnatural for it.
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